Password generator

This password generator generates a unique password for every service (domain) you use. You only have to remember a single master passphrase.

Insert the domain you want a password for here. This will result in a unique password for every domain (website).

Apex domain

Use '' and not ''. The chrome-extension does this for you. We suggest keeping a spreadsheet with all domains and their username, and a hint when using multiple passphrases (e.g. 'work2020' for the passphrase for work related accounts).

Here you insert your secret phrase. This secret phrase, together with the field above are used to create a cryptographic hash, which will be your password.

Secret phrase

The eye button turns the field to a readable field. The save button stores the secret phrase to localStorage. To remove your secret from the localStorage, just put anything in the field and hit save.

Two buttons to generate a password. One should always generate the long password, unless the service does not accept strong passwords or you need to type it and cannot use the tool to copy and paste.

Generate password

and copy to clipboard

With this bottom field, you do nothing. You can peek to see what the password is, but since it is already in your paste buffer, just simply go to the service (website) and hit CTRL + V (paste) in the input field.


Is it secure? how does it work? the chrome-extension and the source code can all be found at:

Old version (base64 instead of base58)